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ad futures

Each year kbs is paired with a small group of inner-city high school students to help them prepare for the Ad Futures Competition. Teams are given a brief and roughly six weeks to work with agency mentors to develop a full creative campaign, learning about the industry in the process. We've been very lucky to have been paired with awesome students that brought home the win for us two years in a row.

The 2014 brief: The Shelter Pet Project

The winning idea: Shelter pets are no different from pets you can buy at a store or a breeder. In fact, they're better. Why? Because they have #ShelterSwag.

The "Chow Down Challenge" is a social execution geared towards raising awareness for the campaign. Someone is challenged to eat human food out of a bowl just like a dog — no hands allowed — and then nominate a friend to do the same.

The 2013 brief: Keep America Beautiful

The winning idea: Turn the idea of the trash can into the idea that trash can. Trash can do more when you choose to recycle it.