Growing up, I wanted to be Katie Couric.

I applied to Syracuse for their broadcast journalism program, was accepted, took one class, and promptly realized I hated it.

Good thing they also had an advertising program.

I fell in love with the blend of art, pop culture, and the promise of casual workplace attire. Twelve years, six agencies, and countless late-night Seamless orders later and I still love it.


Currently I'm an ACD/art with over a decade of experience making things like print, OOH, broadcast, OLV, social, digital, apps, and activations for a range of brands from telecom, retail, financial, auto, public service, and CPG at some of NYC's best like Saatchi, Publicis, and KBS.

Fun stuff about me told in photos because art director: I love photography, have lived in Hoboken, NJ since 2007, love pizza, the beach, outdoor adventures with my fur kid, Ellie, Thai food, sunshine, and traveling the world. Not pictured: love of dessert my human kid, Lena.

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